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Tea Lounge

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On Sunday, May 26, 2016, the tea lounge in the Kunstverein (art association) was a wonderful place to meet.The TARHIB group had grown again, and the musicians and guests got great enjoyment out of the musical dialogues. There was plenty of opportunity to converse with one another, to look at the photography of Maziar Moradi and to enjoy the Sunday while enjoying Arabic tea specialities with cardamom and fresh mint leaves as well as tasty pastries.









A Place of Silence

On Friday, June 11, 2016 we visited two churches: the Lutherkirche (Luther Church) and the Melanchtonkirche (Melanthon Church). The Lutherkirche was destroyed in World War II and has been kept as a memorial. There has been a restaurant in the ruins of the church for the past few years. The Melanchtonkirche was built after the war as an emergency church. City pastor Susanne Schramm told us about the history of the church and of the city of Ludwigshafen. Of course Martin and Katharina Luther, the reformation, and its consequences were the topic at the Luther-Brunnen.






We want to take part! One Billion Rising!

بعد ما حدث في كولِنفي ليلة احتفالية السنة الجديدة 2016 العديد من الرجال الذين يعيشون في مخيم لاجئين في منطقة „Messplatz“ أرادو أن يواجهو هذا الأمر. لقد جهّزنا بعض المنشورات التي سوف تُوزّع في المدينة في الأيام القليلة القادمة. هذه المنشورات أكّد فيها اللاجئون وشددوا على هذه النقطة لا للعنف ضد المرأة „.

نحن أيضاً ننشر الحدث : تجمع المليار شخص على الموقع التالي:

في 13 شباط 2016 في تمام الساعة: 13:00 سنقوم بالرقص لإنهاء العنف ضد المرأة.

بالربط مع نشاط المنشورات, سيكون هناك عرض صغير في مدرسة

„Geschwister-scholl-Gymnasium“ في مدينة لودفيغسهافِن„.

العديد من الأخبار سّتتبع ذلك!


لدي زوجة وابنة, ولا يمكنني أن أفهم ما فعله الرجال في كولِن„.

العمر: 36سنة, أستاذ موسيقى من سوريا.

هربَ من الحرب والاضطهاد والتعذيب في بلده الأم

يعيش في مخيم للاجئين في منطقة „Messplatz“.


لا ’’للعنصرية
نعم’’ للعيش بلا عنف

العمر: 30 سنة, طبّاخ

هرب من الإرهاب والحرب في سوريا ويعيش الآن في مخيم للاجئين في „Messplatz“


لجأتُ إلى ألمانيا للعيش هنا في سلام بالإضافة إلى ذلك لأعيش كإنسان جيد.

أحبُّ أمي وأخوتي البنات. لا للعنف ضد المرأة.

العمر: 23سنة. دَرَسَ الطب البيطري.

يعيش في مخيم للاجئين في „Messplatz“


الموسيقى هي حياتي. الموسيقى هي للعيش بدون عنف.

العمر 27 سنة. موسيقي

هرب من العنف والحرب في سوريا.


تجمع المليار شخص:

من أجل إنهاء العنف ضد المرأة.

السبت, 13 شباط, 2016, الساعة 13:00

المكان: مقابل بناء البلدية في لودفيغسهافِن, Bismarckstrass


2016_Alhayek Dergham Burhan Abdo

We want to take part! One Billion Rising

After the events in Cologne on New Years eve, many of the men who live in the refugee camp at the Messplatz wanted to take a stand. We made some flyers, which will be distributed in town in the next few days. These flyers emphasize the refugees‘ NO to violence against women. We also are publicizing the action ONE BILLION RISING On February 13, 2016, at 13:00 we will dance for an end to violence against women.

In connection with the flyer action, there will also be a small exhibit in the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium in Ludwigshafen. More news will follow!


I have a wife and daughter, and cannot understand what the men did in Cologne.

36 years old, music teacher from Syria.

Fled from war, torture and persecution in his home country.

Lives in the refugee camp at the Messplatz.


„No“ to racism.

„Yes“ to a life without violence.

30 years old. Cook.

Fled from war and violence in Syria and now lives in the refugee camp at the Messplatz.


I fled to Germany in order to live here in peace and as a good human being.

I love my mother and my sisters. No violence against women.

23 years old. Studied veterinary medicine.

Lives in the refugee camp at the Messplatz.


My life is music. Music for a life without violence.

27 years old. Musician.

Fled from violence and war in Syria.

One Billion Rising

For an end to violence against women.

Saturday, February 13, 2016, 13:00

in front of the town hall in Ludwigshafen, Bismarckstrasse

2016_Alhayek Abdo




History of a new city

Today we were in the City Museum. The director, Dr. Regina Heilmann, gave us a short overview of the history of Ludwigshafen. Ludwigshafen is only about 150 years old – compared to the history of Damascus, that is very young. Before BASF was founded, there were some old farms here; the remains of Roman settlements can also be found in the metropolitan area. But the city only grew along with the chemical factory. Thousands of workers streamed into the city – and it took a long time till there was housing for everyone. It took even longer until there was good housing. The city experienced two world wars, many deaths and great destruction. Sufficient housing has not been available for very long. The arrival of the refugees is another challenge to provide sufficient housing. This is being worked on. Our group today included bricklayers and carpenters – craftsmen who can help build a future for Ludwigshafen.

The short history lesson ended today with a typical dish of the region: potato soup. Here in the area it is frequently eaten – like lentil soup in many areas of Syria.





Maria Cicero reports on the 2nd Welcome Dinner

An evening with friends

On Friday, January 15, 2016 the „Welcome Dinner“ in the Italian Protestant Church Bethel took place for the second time. Together with the voluntary helpers from the Verein Kultur Rhein-Neckar, there was a dinner for the refugees currently living in the camp at the Messplatz in Ludwigshafen. Host and church member Maria Cicero emphasizes: „With this project we would like to enable people from different countries to meet and converse, but also to overcome inhibitions“. „My parents came to Germany from Italy in the seventies as „guest workers“. They also had to adapt to a new culture“, she adds. For example, Italians spend a long time eating; after all, it should be a pleasurable event, and not just fill you up. This was the idea behind the Welcome Dinners: Encouraging encounters between locals and refugees during dinner because food connects both cultures and generations.

The camps are often bursting at the seams; there is no sphere of privacy and life in the camps is dull. This is why it is important for the volunteers to create an intimate and peaceful atmosphere with the Welcome Dinner. A relaxed evening with friends: a room that is not crowded and where one doesn’t have to rush through dinner. The dinner should also help you meet individuals, and not a mass of people. This is why only 20 refugees are invited to each dinner; the volunteers pick them up at the Messplatz. When they entered the room for the first time and saw the table decked with candles, their eyes shone with pleasure. After the first course, a young Syrian refugee saw a music instrument. He picked up the guitar and sang traditional arabic songs – the others immediately joined in the singing, providing musical entertainment. Language barriers were crossed within a few minutes. „What counts is being together, a pleasant atmosphere, and forgetting the daily routine in the camp for a moment“, said another Syrian. „And you succeeded very well with the Welcome Dinner. Look at these faces – everybody is happy.“

Further dinners are being planned…