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We are pleased that we have collected 500 Euro!


Every Thursday Pranita goes to the Wattstrasse – accompanied by someone from the City Walks group, and sometimes by a visitor. It is a wonderful experience to meditate and dance with the children and women. The men would also appreciate an opportunity to meditate and we are considering how to offer it.




Pranita Brings Happiness

Today (August 4, 2016) was the second visit with Pranita at the shelter in the Wattstrasse. There was a short exercise for concentration and to gain strength and then : dance.

There is a whole group of children. Boys and girls are curious and quick, paying attention and fully concentrated.

Pranita has them sit in a circle, just the children.

Then there is another circle for the women who have joined in; again new faces, non-verbal communication also works.

The women understand what it is all about.

It is about their strength, energy, inner balance.

And then everyone goes outside to dance, children and women and Pranita and music.

So many happy faces, pride, the youngest also participate, the older girls are happy, as are the mothers.

Success. It must be repeated.

Ursel Hällfritzsch


Meditation gives you Peace and Quiet

Always a good experience – a visit to Pranita in the Sahaja Yoga Center (here are some pics from July 16, 2016)

Music Worlds

On July 15, 2016 we attended a performance of RHEINGOLD in St. Luke’s Church (Lukas Kirche). Rüdiger Oppermann and the other 24 musicians had a fantastic impression on us!

On Sunday, July 17, a small group went to Mannheim to the  MUSIKWELTEN (Music Worlds). A wonderful picnic – and great music, as varied as the population in the city! We especially liked NECKARGANGA!

Light II

The second time more people helped out in the Open Workshop. A couple from Rhine-Hessia also helped. It was fun and the pizza was fantastic. Many thanks to the Montana family for their contribution!

Light – Open Workshop in the Luther Church

It was so hot! On July 8, 2016 we began work with the Open Workshop (Offenes Atelier). We would like to make 333 candlelights during the next four weeks. Yesterday we punched and stamped. At the end, the Montana family gave us pizza. Many thanks!

Next week we will continue!

Sugar Festival III

On July 6, 2016, we did not only walk to the  employment agency; we were also at the AWO, the SPD, in the girls‘ workshop, at the cultural center dasHaus, at the commissioner for integration of the city of Ludwigshafen, at the press office of the city, at the finance department … Now everyone should know: Muslims celebrate the sugar festival and wish everyone ALL THE BEST!

The Sugar Festival is Coming Soon

What a wonderful idea! Muslim city walkers will prepare little sweet presents for the sugar festival. It is a good thing that the KRN still has some of the chocolate donated by RITTER SPORT. Sugared almonds are a must.

Refugium – Areas for Culture(s)

On June 27, 2016, the LAG Soziokultur & Kulturpädagogik (Socioculture & Culture Pedagogy) Rheinland-Pfalz invited experts and interested persons to a symposium about cultural work by/with/for refugees and locals. After an introductory lecture by Mark Terkessidis in the symposium REFUGIUM, various panels discussed central topics, questions, and conditions for the success of cultural actions. Using current examples, different approaches to the problems as well as ways to transfer accepted projects and forms of work were discussed.

The City Walks project was presented in a panel by Eleonore, Johannes, Wael and Pranita.