May 2, 2016

Today we (Andrea Lutz-Kluge and Eleonore Hefner) together with Tayseer, Ahmed, and some others, as well as a group from Hasan Özdemir’s German course for women visited the city hall. Treasurer Dieter Feid was waiting for us and introduced us to the secrets of municipal budgets.




Up to the 80s, Ludwigshafen was one of the weathiest cities in Germany – now there is a record debt of more than 1.3 billion euros! Not an easy job to be treasurer in this situation. Dieter Feid pointed out: it is necessary to save, but nevertheless it is important to invest in schools and roads as well as sport and culture – also for the future of the city!

At the end, Mrs. Müller and Mrs. Hartmann explained the area of public relations and gave an overview of the work of the approximately 3400 civic employees.

Quite complicated!